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FlyTrendy is a content generation platform that guarantees you only pay for new sales

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Tired of inconsistent returns from social media campaigns?

Guaranteed ROI

Our platform offers guaranteed ROI for your campaign. No more shots in the dark and wishful spending. We give you predictable results so you can plan and control your campaign

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Increase Retention

Content creators are rewarded for community-building efforts. This encourages repeat brand interaction and maximizes reach. Your circle just got bigger.

Cut advertising costs up to 80%

Flip the script on the high cost of sponsored posts and influencer content. Our innovative content compensation options cut costs and generate real revenue.

Easy to Activate a Community

Activate a community who is ready to create great content for your brand. Flytrendy lets you convert your followers into brand ambassadors. Watch the sales come streaming in.

Step Out from Social Media

Don’t be at the mercy of social media algorithms. Create your community outside of the social media maze - which you can activate and amplify at any time.

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Upload your campaign. Choose the best content. Celebrate results


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