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Data Insights

Good data is key to  successful campaign. With our platform you get valuable insight during the campaign, and comprehensive analytics once complete - all at your fingertips.

Real-time analytics

Track important aspects of your campaign while it is live

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First-party data

Access all first-party data, giving you the most accurate insight into your campaign

Full performance report

Get a full performance report at the end of the campaign so you can see the impact and reach of your efforts.

Real-time feedback

Our platform provides real-time analytics of the campaign. We don’t use any third-party platform, so we have access to all first-party data. This allows us to track the analytics through our platform, giving you the most accurate and comprehensive insight into your campaign.

Complete Insights

Actionable data insights
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Comprehensive  report

At the end of the campaign you receive a report with a full breakdown of the performance of the campaign analytics. This includes data insights regarding campaign performance, as well as data insights from the content creators. These content creator analytics includes metrics such as views, impressions, likes, shares, and comments. These are powerful insights to help you shape your brand and your future campaigns

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