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FlyTrendy for Agencies

Integrated Pay System

Managing payments for content does not need to be difficult. Our platform makes it quick and simple.

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Automates payments to creators

You approve the content you love, we take care of the details.

Full control and accountability

You approve payments and receive accounting documentation.

Seamless Payments System

You get full accountability of all payments and invoices without any of the hassle.

Streamlined Content Creation

Imagine accessing a broad base of content creators for your campaign, but needing to manage the payments to each one individually.

Content Control Guarantee

With the FlyTrendy platform this process is automated and seamless. Once you approve content from a creator, the platform manages the payment on your behalf.

Effortless Process Management

All you need to do is select and approve the content you love, and all the creators get paid instantly via our platform.

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