FlyTrendy for Agencies

Content Generation

Creating an influencer marketing campaign the traditional way is difficult and uncertain. Flytrendy turns that on its head, offering your clients great content and predictable results.

Simplify content creation

Access our community of content creators ready to create authentic and compelling content for you.

Full control and easy management

You choose the content to approve, and our platform manages all the details.

Simplified process

Our platform simplifies the process of content creation, and puts full control in your hands.

Streamlined Content Creation

Simplify content creation by submitting briefs and reviewing content proposals. Activate a broad community to generate content.

Content Control Guarantee

Have full control over content creation, reviewing, and approving or denying content submissions. Pay only for approved content.

Effortless Process Management

Easily manage the entire content creation process with automation. Streamline brief submissions, content reviews, and approvals.

Reach a ready-made community

Our platform offers you a community of content creators ready to produce authentic and compelling content for you and your clients. No more searching for content creators who are the right fit for the campaign, and hoping their audience matches the target market. We have a large base of creators so you are guaranteed to have representation in every product category - and high rates of engagement.

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