FlyTrendy for Agencies

White Label

Access new revenue streams with a white label version of our platform. Your clients get great performance on their campaigns, and you get increased profits

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Access to our community

We have a community of over 20k creators who can be activated to produce content for your clients campaigns.

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Control the margins

You get complete control over the mark-ups on creator compensation - seamlessly managed by the platform.

Your own version of our platform

Our ‘white label’ solution offers you our platform rebranded as your own. Your clients engage with your platform to launch a campaign brief. The brief reaches an extensive community of over 20 000 content creators who submit content proposals directly to them through the platform.

Streamlined Content Review and Payment

All content is reviewed in a single admin panel, allowing your clients to quickly and easily scan, approve or deny content. Your clients only pay for the content they approve, which then gets published through the content creators social media channels. Payment for approved content is managed through the platform, with your mark-up added. You have complete control over the mark-ups or margins.

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