FlyTrendy for Brands

Content Generation

Activate your community to generate compelling content. Review and select the best for your campaign before spending a cent

Effortless Content Generation

Create a brief with your content specifications. Let the content creators do the thing they do best. Select the best content for your campaign

Authentic and Resonating Content

Activating your community means you get the most authentic content to resonate with your audience, generated by those who love your product

Direct Rewards for Content Creators

Reward content creators with product vouchers. Increase sales and activate your community to become your brand ambassadors

Community Generated Content

Launch a campaign brief

Easily create and customize campaign specifications for community members to submit content.

Overview of submitted content

Access a central admin panel to efficiently review and manage all submitted posts.

Approve and launch

Exercise complete control by selectively approving content and effortlessly launching your campaign with a few clicks.

Reward Content Creators

Reward creators with product vouchers

Our unique platform allows you to reward content creators directly with product vouchers. So your ad spend turns into guaranteed new sales.

Reach the right audience

Added to that, your community will reach an audience of users who already receptive to their content, so you get extremely effective content distribution and impact.

Get started now

Book a call with us. We’ll show you how our platform can generate guaranteed sales for your brand.