FlyTrendy for Brands

Guaranteed ROI

Running social media campaigns can be expensive, with unpredictable results. FlyTrendy changes that and lets you see the future.

Exceptional ROI

Our platform guarantees a minimum return of 200% on your ad spend, and no fixed costs for content creation and distribution.

Plan ROI before your campaign starts

By deciding rewards for content creation before launching the campaign, you can plan for your desired ROI

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Ad spend converts directly into new sales

Rewarding content creators with product vouchers means that your ad spend directly generates new sales

Guaranteed Sales and ROI

Using our platform your genuine customers are activated to become your content creators. These creators are rewarded with your product vouchers for the content you choose to publish.

So, you decide what your ad spend will be for the campaign - and this converts directly into new sales. More product vouchers issued means more sales and more content published. This is how we can guarantee new sales and ROI.

You get full control over content and spend, with predictable results.

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