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Activation Platform

You’ve worked hard to build a social media following. Now you can turn that community into active brand ambassadors.

Activate your community at the touch of a button

Simply and effectively activate your community to develop content and spread the word on your brand.

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Active Engagement

Activate your community to engage with your brand and spread your message through their own networks.

Effective Reach

Using your community to spread your message means you reach your genuine target market.

Activate your followers / community

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Streamline influencer collaboration
Simplify content creation process

Before you would have to search to find content creators who were a fit for your brand and bring real engagement, and then negotiate with them with no guarantee of results. Our platform allows you to effectively activate your community of followers - who already use and love your product - to create content for your campaign. The entire process is managed through our platform, from creating a brief calling for content, selecting the best content from your community, to rewards and results.

Reach your target market

Harnessing the Power of Community

When you activate your community to produce content and broadcast to their own networks, they are reaching the people who follow them through shared interests and have built a level of trust and confidence in their recommendations.

Unleashing the Impact of Real Customers

So your campaign, broadcast through your real customers, will reach your target market and have authentic messaging and real impact which delivers new sales and ROI.

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